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Dengakuza is one of Japan's premier performing groups, a professional troupe that specializes in traditional, classic folk performing arts from all across the country. Their performances feature taiko drumming, singing, dancing, and the Shishi-mai (Japanese lion dance).

They live in Ina, a small town in Nagano Prefecture.

Since the group was established in 1964, they have attended countless traditional festivals. They go to the sources to learn the songs and dances the way these have been done for centuries. In many cases, they revisit places to ensure that their performances remain authentic and true to the spirit of the music and dance of the original locale.

Although the group has a 60-year history, the performers are young — most of them are in their 30's.

Dengakuza has given performances nationwide and overseas in various countries including a tour of Mexico.

They have a vast repertoire, and in just the past five years they have performed over 70 pieces on stage.

Dengakuza's performances are enjoyable for first-timers and repeat patrons alike. No two shows are the same — each performance is a new experience, and the positive energy and authenticity are incredible.

People say that Dengakuza's original songs are "fun to perform," and "people who watch them feel like joining in." Some of their original music like "Umi no Ohayashi" and "Taiko-bayashi" are extremely popular songs, and are very well known across Japan.


Going to see Dengakuza perform is an incredible chance to see many musical folk traditions from all across Japan by extraordinary artists. It's an amazing experience and really a lot of fun.

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Experience Taiko Drumming with Dengakuza

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Dengakuza's main repertoire includes:

Chichibu Yatai-bayashi,


Shishi Odori,

Sanbonyanagi Sansa Odori,



Buchiawase Daiko,




Onbashira Kiari Uta,


Nankin Tamasudare,



Umi no Ohayashi,

Umi no Taiko,

Yama no Ohayashi, and Hattenraku.

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